Dear Teachers,


Firstly, EngCOO would like to thank you for your consideration as well as your expectation to be a teacher at EngCOO. Hopefully, we can cooperate further in term of improving english language for students as our biggest objective.

Second, I would like to inform you how to be a teacher of EngCOO step by step in following registration as well as how can you work at EngCOO, please spend your few minutes for doing this as well.


Step 1: Access the registration page via the link below, and you will get outcome as photo:


Please give all personal information as you are asked. We commit that all your personal information are security.

Note that, you have to click the teacher option in this step.

After done all, please click the button “Sign up for an account”, your request is sent directly to the admins of EngCOO. After your request is approved, you can log in the teacher page through your registered email and its password.


Step 2: Log in your account in the teacher page via the link below:

The outcome photo as:


Please give your registered email and its password, then click “Login” button you will enter the teacher page and start working at EngCOO.


Step 3: Updating your profile

After you log in at teacher page, you get the outcome as following example photo :


Note that you should update your profile by clicking on “Change profile”. You can change any information you want here such as upload your perfect photo for avatar.

The most important things you need to update that are your experience in teaching english, your english certifications. Especially, you need to make your short video (about 2 minutes length) introducing about yourself by enghlish and give its link here (we recommend you use youtube link). These information about you will attack students at the first view of them. You also need to update which programs you have talent to teach.


Step 4: Making your booking schedule by clicking the “Booking calendar” option, what you get as the following photo:

The time table in your Booking schedule is corresponding to your local time zone that you need to set up correctly UTC in your profile. Note that, if you go to the different time zones from the first one, you need to reset the UTC in your profile for matching with the time schedule of students around the world.

You can book the classes for teaching by click to the blue squares (as shown in below photo), you will get confirming email for your one click of booking class. You also can cancel your booking if you want to change to other time frames or other days. Note that,  booking calendar in 24 hours before the first class starting, and at least 3 hours teaching per day according to the number of students we supply for you. For the students who choose you, you can discuss with them in order to make your most appropriate booking calendar.

Please make sure your booking time carefully to avoid your cancellation. It’s no problem for your cancellation if no student has not taken your classes, but when students took your classes, it’s impolite if you make cancellations. 

Step 5: Preparation for a class

Before each class, you can see your student who booked your class on the “Upcoming” as the following example photo. You should click on “View Detail” for getting information such as which level student is and which curriculum or lesson pages finished in the previous lesson. These information are evaluated by the previous teachers that can help you to prepare for the next lesson. Click on student’s avatar, you can also know the studying process of students, and you can give your advices to him/her for improving english intensively.

Note that, the curriculum or materials which are used for classes, you can prepare by 1) your own materials; 2) going to “Materials” option on the teacher page; and 3) EngCOO admins will send you the separate materials by each student.


Step 6: Call on Skype to your student who took your class, and doing the class together.

Note that, you and your students only can cancel the taken class at least 12 hours before the starting time. Please leave your message via Skype to the students in case of you want to cancel the booking class.


Step 7: After finishing a class, you are asked to give a comment for your student within 12 hours such as which skills student need to improve; which is the current level of student; which lesson pages were finished… You have to do this step after finish a class to let us know your class has done as well.   


Please enjoy your classes at EngCOO, and do not hesitate to let us know via sending email if you have any questions.

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