About EngCOO

Global Ideas - Local Solution

EngCOO is a learning English platform one on one via Skype.

100% teachers at EngCOO are Filipinos and native speakers who have English certs and experience in teaching English.

EngCOO helps you to get habit and felling amazing in learning English.

EngCOO’s materials is not only English documentations that is also the key helping you step on the world by gaining culture and technology.

EngCOO establishes how to learning English in easiest way, smartest, and students can improve English fastly.

  • 01Interactivity continuously one on one in each lesson with 100% foreign teachers.
  • 02Choosing any teachers who
    you want to learn with.
  • 03You can learn in flexible time
    and at everywhere you want.
  • 04Improving in fastest way
    learning in simplest way, cheapest expense.

Why you should choose EngCOO

EngCOO ends the one-way relationship
  • 01
  • 02
  • 03
  • 04
  • 05

How to start learning with EngCOO


only takes 2 minutes.

Booking schedule

select flexible time, choose any teachers you want to learn.
Booking schedule

Skype connection

Access Skype and waiting your teacher calling.
Skype connection

Study with your teacher

with your personal designing materials.
Study with your teacher

Teacher assessment

Review learnt lesson and assessing your teacher.
Teacher assessment

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